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Isaiah 44 v1-20

view Isaiah II series Listen Isaiah 44:1-20 God Build Israel; Deluded Fools Build Idols Can you share a time when you or someone was so blind to their cause that they didn’t even stop to realize the mistakes they were making? This section contains a revelation that God will expand Israel’s numbers by pouring out …

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Isaiah 43 v14-28

View Isaiah II series – Listen Isaiah 43:14-28 “The Lord Promises A New Deliverance” Sometimes a new thing comes along which makes us completely forget the things that came before. Consider how many people today remember the emergence of VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs. Does the latest generation, which can stream videos on their devices, give …

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Isaiah 43 v1-13

View Isaiah II series – Listen Review Isaiah 42 Explain why the servants mentioned in chapter 42 must find fulfillment in two very different servants. There is a play on words with the picture of “blindness.” Contrast what is meant by “the blind” in 42:6-7,16 and the “blind” in 42:18-19. This chapter has a theme …

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Isaiah 42 v10-25

View series – Listen to audio Isaiah 42:10-17 “Creation Shouts; the Lord Shouts” 42:10-12 Describe the appropriate response for a believer after hearing about what God’s chosen servant will do. Note who is called to action. 42:10-12 How is the song Isaiah calls for a new song? 42:10-12. Explain how this verse is fulfilled … …

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What is the Independence Day for the people of God? 1-part Bible Study on the book of Obadiah. Listen to audio View handout View suggested answer guide

Isaiah 42 v1-9

Isaiah 42:1-9 “God Calls His Servant to Be A Light” Listen to audio of Bible Study Study of Isaiah II 42:1 God says he will “uphold” his servant. Discuss the possible interpretations for who might be referred to here as God’s servant. (Compare Is 41:8-9) 42:1 God says he will “uphold” this servant. Discuss the …

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Isaiah 41 v11-29

Isaiah 41:1-20 “The Lord Has Chosen His Servant” -see previous Isaiah II post for 41:1-10. – View Isaiah 11 series -Listen to study 41:11-12 Israel only had to wait, and they would see Assyria and then the great Babylonian Empire all quickly become nothing. How are these words fulfilled for all believers? (Compare with Malachi …

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Isaiah 41:1-10

Listen to entire Isaiah II series  Review of Isaiah 40:25-31 “The LORD Never Grows Weary” Review 40:25-31 We tend to think that God is like us. Share some of your favorite pictures in this section which describe how incomparably different he is from us. Explain how we can stave off the following line of thought: …

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