Bible Study

Isaiah 52 v1-12

Jerusalem Will Wake to A New Day of Freedom View Isaiah II series | listen to audio Agree or disagree: “When a Christian spots someone passed out in a public park and it is clearly due to drug abuse or alcoholism, they ought to feel nothing but pity for that person.” The previous section depicted

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 Isaiah 51 v17-23

View Isaiah II series | Listen to audio The Lord Takes Away the Cup of His Wrath According to the 2022 US National Survey on Drug Use and Health NSDUH, 61.2 million people ages 12 and older (21.7% in this age group) reported binge drinking in the past month. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse

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Isaiah 51 v9-16

The Lord Gives Further Pictures for Assurance View Isaiah series. – Listen to audio Shakespeare is credited with not only creating many masterpieces but expanding the English languages in the use of metaphors and colorful idioms. He coined phrases that are still in use today such as “good riddance,” “seen better days,” “wild goose chase,”

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LWMS Brief Bible Study

Study of Isaiah’s Water & Food Imagery April 13, 2024  Spring Mission Rally of the Grand Canyon West Circuit of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society Print Trifold 1 Introduction Share a time when you found yourself the most hungry or the most thirsty. Describe how it happened and how it felt to find food or

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Isaiah 51 v1-8

View series – Listen to segment audio  Isaiah 51:1-8 The Lord Reassures That His Rescue Will Come When a new book or movie comes you will often see it advertised by referring to the author’s or director’s previous popular works. The promoting company knows that if a previous book or movie was popular you might

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 Isaiah 50 v4-11

View Isaiah Series. – Listen to audio  Isaiah 50:4-11 The Servant of the Lord is Innocent of Any Wrong When a guilt offering was made in the Old Testament, God required the sacrifice to be without blemish or defect. The prophet Malachi would decry the people for their contempt in offering up blemished animals for

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