The Chosen (Watch and Discuss)

Have you seen the TV series “The Chosen”?  If you have, you can probably guess why it’s so popular.  It has a compelling story with interesting character development. But how closely does it follow the Bible and what can we benefit from it?

Join us on select Wednesday evenings for a free meal followed by a watching and group discussion of “The Chosen.”

5pm Wednesday evenings (see calendar or schedule below)

204 W. Airport Rd. Payson, AZ

Everyone is welcome.

Free on-site babysitting for children too young to join the rest of their family during the video.

To help us plan with meals & babysitting, please indicate the number of those attending on this online tally.


  • 12 JUN 2024, WED 5 – 7pm “The Chosen” (Watch & Discuss)
  • 11 SEP 2024, WED 5 – 7pm “The Chosen” (Watch & Discuss)