A God-Lived Life


What does a God-lived life look like? It looks like Jesus. God became man and lived life in our place. Christ lived the perfect God-lived life. Living as a Christian, we have the privilege of being imitators of God as we live our new lives as his redeemed people.

For the next four months, God’s Word will be challenging us, and we’ll be challenging one another to live a God-lived life. And that encompasses everything.

May – “A life of being a disciple.”

June – “A life lived for others.”

July – “A life of hospitality”

August – “A life lived shrewdly.”

Each month, we will be introduced to a challenge that we then prayerfully commit to carrying out the rest of the month. These challenges ask us—people who are moved by the grace of God and Jesus’ life and death in our place—to commit to acting on the encouragements to put the Word into practice.

May God bless us as we grow in his Word and in our lives of living it!