Isaiah 41:1-10

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 Review of Isaiah 40:25-31 “The LORD Never Grows Weary”

Review 40:25-31

We tend to think that God is like us. Share some of your favorite pictures in this section which describe how incomparably different he is from us.

  • Various answers. Eternal. Tireless. Aware of our plight. Giving strength to make us tireless.
  • Compare this section with Psalm 121.

Explain how we can stave off the following line of thought: “Maybe my God is great, but he has his limits it seems. He might miss something in our life or fail to do something he promised.”

  • Wait for the Lord. Reflect on all his power in creation and preservation.
  • Reflect on his promise that he will not grow weary.  Lift up your eyes and ponder the truths revealed that he controls all things! 
  • Don’t question him or seek to give him advice but trust that his wisdom and knowledge are good and immeasurably great.

How does this section emphasize that we cannot be saved by our own works?

  • This whole chapter speaks of our weakness and inability verse the limitless power and glory of God.
  • “Those who hope in the Lord, wait for the Lord” (40:31)

Review Isaiah 40:

What truths in Isaiah chapter 40 are there about…

  • evangelism
  • the Word of God
  • God’s power
  • our source of comfort 
  • man’s glory and our false sources of comfort

Find some titles and descriptions of God in this chapter and explain their significance.

  • The Holy One
  • Creator
  • Lord
  • Eternal God
  • YOUR God

Identify at least seven times this chapter brings out clear pictures of the person and work of Christ.

  • 40:2 atonement
  • 40:2 he sent out his church with the good news “Go and preach the good news…” Mk 16
  • 40:6 John the Baptizer who pointed people to Jesus at his coming
  • 40:9 “Here is your God!”
  • 40:10 “the Lord will come with strength” -judgment day
  • 40:11 good shepherd
  • 40:27 omniscient
  • 40:28 Creator of all things
  • Omnipotent found throughout
  • 40:29-31 Matthew 11:25ff “Come to me all you who are weary…”

 Isaiah 41:1-20 “The Lord Has Chosen His Servant”

41:1 God is calling for a court to assemble. He wants to debate the question, “Who is in charge?”  Who are the witnesses called to the debate?

  • All the distant nations of the world are called to give testimony.

41:2-3 The concept of the servant of the Lord is introduced here.  Who is called his servant here?

  • Here he begins to allude to Cyrus who is sent by god to conquer the empires that came before him. God will later specifically mention Cyrus as his servant. 
  • Some might interpret this as God’s reference to when he first formed “his servant” 41:8 Israel. As a nation he quickly got them on their feet. But he is calling one “from the east” not from Egypt in the west.
  • Another reoccurring theme is that he mentions Israel as his servant.
  • “The Servant” in part is Israel, but it finds ultimate fulfillment in the Holy One of Israel. It is a singular man, Christ, who keeps the Lord’s will perfectly on behalf of all.
  • Pay careful attention going forward to how the servant is ultimately fulfilled in the Messiah Jesus.

41:4-5 “Summoning generations from the beginning.” (Compare with Acts 17:26) Discuss: God has a plan he carries out for every nation, not just Israel.

  • Yes. He sent Assyria. He sent Babylon. And he sent Persia.  Galatians 4 reminds us he set the exact time. All world history revolves around his plan to send a Savior and spread the good news of his redemption to all the earth.

41:6-7 Explain why God choses to mock craftsmen here.

  • The point is how silly idol makers are when they fashion their plans.
  • What type of “idols” are crafted today? Celebrities, stars, musicians, politicians etc, science advancements, the latest technology Apple etc.. They use a public relations team and commercials rather than craft work.

41:8 “Abraham my friend” (NIV) “Abraham whom I love” (EHV) How do you know that this title is one you also bear before God?

  • Jesus calls us his friends. He laid down his life for us.  We were godless and his enemies.  But he had reconciled us to himself by the cross.  We are now friends.

41:8-9 Briefly recount the events in salvation history which are summarized here.

  • God called Abraham from Ur (Genesis 11-12) and he gave the promise to bless his descendants and give them the land of Canaan.

41:10 why is it important to remember it doesn’t depend on Israel’s efforts?

  • They are weak and fearful; just like us!
  • God says, “I will… I will… I will” he is doing it all in grace to save those he chose in grace.