Join Jesus 4) With Great Purpose

What happens when we get busy?  We begin to lose our focus as disciples of Jesus.  But we follow Christ with a great purpose and must keep that focus even when things get busy.  Listen to his message based on Mark 1:29-39.

Join Jesus 3) With Amazement

When God’s Word is the ultimate source of authority, the spiritual forces of evil know they will fail.  Join Jesus amazed at the power of his Word to drive back the devil and his angles and bring amazement.  Listen to the audio  from this message.

Join Jesus 2) Without Hesitation

Jesus calls four fishermen to leave behind their comfortable careers to join him and to become full-time fisher’s of people.  They joined him without hesitation.  Why?  Listen to this message based on Mark 1:14-20.

Join Jesus 1) Without Skepticism

How do you respond when someone is skeptical about Jesus?  Consider what God reveals as he calls Philip and Nathaniel to be disciples.  Listen to the sermon.

Only One Journey Will Lead You To See Jesus

When the magi entered Jerusalem they found something we often encounter.  Their journey of faith seemed to reach a road block. No one around them shared in their excitement.  Why is it that some are excited to find Jesus but others aren’t?   Listen to this message based on Matthew 2:1-12.