An Overview of God’s Working

How many key figures and events can you identify from the beginning of time?  This overview study will examine the age of our world and the working of our God throughout the ages. Join us this Spring for Sunday Youth & Adult Bible class at Rock of Ages.

  • Level: Youth & Adult
  • Topic:  An Overview of God’s Working Throughout All History
  • Time: 10:15am Sundays (Spring 2018, 12 part-study)
  • Location: Fellowship Hall
  • Teacher(s): Pastor Tom Barthel
  • Registration:  No registration necessary. Free and open to all.

Download discussion guide.

Children’s Bible Class

Basic Bible Study for young children.

Levels: PreK to 6th grade.

Topics: God’s Law and Gospel. Bible History. Taught at age appropriate levels.

Time: Meets 10:15am Sundays for 1 hr. Begins March 4th, 2018.

Location: Children’s Ministry Center at Rock of Ages (second door of Fellowship Building.)

Teacher(s): Bethany Barthel.

Registration:  Free and open to all. Click here to register online.