Book Study -Choosing God’s Best

Choosing God’s Best -wisdom for lifetime romance.

Join us for a book study on dating vs. courtship.

Life changing advice and tips.

  • Topics: A book study of “Choosing God’s Best” by Don Raunikar.
  • Time:  January 29, 2019 at 6:00pm
  • Location: Fellowship Hall
  • Teacher(s): Mario Ascoli, Janell Sterner
  • Registration:  Free and open to all. Ages Junior High and up.


Ten Questions, Ten Answers

A Bible Class

Sundays 10:15 at Rock of Ages

November – December 2018

  1. Sun. Nov. 4   “Why is there so much pain in the world?”
  2. Sun. Nov. 11   “There are many paths to God, right?”
  3. Sun. Nov. 18  “People are basically Good, aren’t they?”
  4. Sun. Nov. 25 “Do You Really Believe in Miracles?”
  5. Sun. Dec. 2 “I Want to Feel Good About Myself…”
  6. Sun. Dec. 9 “Where is the Evidence that God exists?”
  7. Sun. Dec. 16 “Who Can Really Say What Death Means?”
  8. Sun. Dec. 23 “Why Should I Believe the Bible?”
  9. Sun. Dec. 30 “There are hypocrites in church …”
  10. Sun. Jan. 6  “Do last-minute confessions get people into heaven?”


Daniel: God’s Kingdom Over All Kingdoms

A nine-part study on the Book of Daniel shared in the Fall of 2018.


Daniel Bible Study (Print All Handouts)


Introduction to Daniel

Daniel 1 – Staying True to the True King  -Daniel 6

Daniel 2 -Four Earthly Kingdoms  -Daniel 7

Daniel 3 – Kings who Set themselves up as god- Daniel 8

Daniel 4 -God’s Punishment on Proud Kingdoms -Daniel 9

Daniel 5 -Only God’s Kingdom Endures -Daniel 10-12*

*only handouts for these chapters

  • “At the end of the days you will rise.” -Daniel 12:13


Starting Point Class

  • Topics: ABCs of the Christian faith.
  • Current Series: Know Jesus, Connect with Jesus, Live for Jesus.
  • Time:  3:00pm Saturdays (see calendar)
  • Location: Fellowship Hall
  • Teacher(s): Pastor Tom Barthel
  • Registration:  Free and open to all. Click here to register online.

2018 Schedule

1. Aug. 4 As Your Resurrected Lord
2. Aug. 11 As Your Savior
3. Aug. 18 As Your God
4. Aug. 25 As Your King
5. Sep. 1 As Your Creator

1. Sep. 8 Importance of Faith
2. Sep. 15 Gift of Faith
3. Sep. 22 Through the Word
4. Sep. 29 Through Baptism
5. Oct. 6 Through the Lord’s Supper
6. Oct. 20 Very Carefully

1. Oct. 27 In Thankfulness to Him
2. Nov. 3 In Love for Others
3. Nov. 10 In Marriage
4. Nov. 17 In Society
5. Nov. 24 In Managing His Gifts
6. Dec. 1 With Your Fellow Christians

Register here today or contact our pastor.

Sharing the Faith and Witnessing (Bible Class)

Youth and Adult Bible Class | Sundays 10:15

The study handouts can be downloaded here after each session.

  1. July 15, 2018 Part 1: The Focus of Our Witnessing
  2. July 22, 2018 Part 2: God’s Promises to His Witnesses
  3. August 5, 2018 Part 3: Being an Unwavering Witness
  4. August 12, 2018 Part 4: Biblical & Christ-Centered Methods
  5. August 19, 2018 Part 5: One Method
  6. August 26, 2018 Part 6: Additional Methods


  1. Download Witnessing Handout 1
  2. Download Witnessing Handout 2
  3. Download Witnessing Handout 3
  4. Download Witnessing Handout 4
  5. Download Witnessing Handout 5
  6. Download Witnessing Handout 6


God has made each one of us a witness to Jesus.

How do we now carry out that God-given plan for sharing his Word? Are you sometimes like Moses, ‘slow of speech’?

God assures you that he will equip you for the task. After all, “Who gave man his mouth?”

Come join this workshop Bible class for spiritual growth and encouragement to be an ambassadors of Christ.