One by One

One by One is a Bible study based on Pastor David Rosenau’s keynote presentation at the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership in January of 2020. Using powerful personal stories and drawing from his wealth of experience both as a detective and a parish pastor, Pastor Rosenau helps Christians understand why it is so important to see every soul as a treasure and why we want to be willing to spend the time and effort necessary to share the gospel with each one.

Join the study at Rock of Ages 10:05am Sundays in March and April, 2021.

Read about Pastor Rosenau in the February 2021 issue of  Forward in Christ.

Video – Part 1

Video – Part 2

Video – Part 3

Video – Part 4a

Video – Part 4b

Video – Part 5

Video – Part 6a

Video Part 6b