Worship Update

[a March memo -updated April 1, 2020]

2020-04-01 update: all gatherings suspended for the month of April.

Worship & Bible study at home

check back here for ongoing updates

Members (and guests) of Rock of Ages,
In light of the national and statewide state of emergency and the local measures and concerns I invite you to keep praying to the One who cares for you and controls all things. Let his protection and promises remove anxiety and fear. Review the comforts of Psalm 91 and take comfort in the Lord’s protection and care.

We also must remember the warning against carelessly putting God to the test in Matthew 4:5-8 and be sure to take proper care. We plan to follow the local and national guidelines as we honor those in authority and show love and concern for our neighbors. Keep exercising prudence and consideration towards others. If you have a fever or cough, or a compromised immune system, I recommend you stay home as long as health officials advise. The CDC urges limiting social group gatherings. It also recommends maintaining extra social spacing from people outside your family circle. I encourage you to help make our worship habits reflect those recommendations for the coming weeks. We will not hold regular services, but will offer alternatives for Word and Sacrament to comply with all recommended measures of caution.

Please keep in contact by phone or email and your brothers and sisters in Christ will include you in their prayers and offer any support they can. I’m sure we would be able to drop off anything needed at your home without the risk of spreading illness. We can also gather in Jesus’ name in private or by phone if necessary.

The way which we offer weekly services may need to change for a while. The church council has agreed that our congregation should strive to comply with guidelines from the national, state, and local authorities. Currently we will forgo regular Sunday services. Extra care will be taken to limit group sizes, to clean or avoid using shared touch points, and to maintain social distances. You may also arrange a private meeting with me. If there are changes you will be informed on the website, by email, and by phone.

As the Lord allows I will greet you with a smile as we gather to be fed with the gospel and encourage one another. Never forget that nothing can separate you from the love of God that is yours in Jesus!

Rest secure in his arms.  God bless, -Tom Barthel, Pastor