Ten Questions, Ten Answers

A Bible Class

Sundays 10:15 at Rock of Ages

November – December 2018

  1. Sun. Nov. 4   “Why is there so much pain in the world?”
  2. Sun. Nov. 11   “There are many paths to God, right?”
  3. Sun. Nov. 18  “People are basically Good, aren’t they?”
  4. Sun. Nov. 25 “Do You Really Believe in Miracles?”
  5. Sun. Dec. 2 “I Want to Feel Good About Myself…”
  6. Sun. Dec. 9 “Where is the Evidence that God exists?”
  7. Sun. Dec. 16 “Who Can Really Say What Death Means?”
  8. Sun. Dec. 23 “Why Should I Believe the Bible?”
  9. Sun. Dec. 30 “There are hypocrites in church …”
  10. Sun. Jan. 6  “Do last-minute confessions get people into heaven?”